Monday, April 2, 2007

What happens when you fracture your hip?

taking a little trip down memory lane... I found this list that I made in college shortly after getting rid of my crutches. and it made me laugh.
- you spend 3 weeks limping around before you even know what's wrong

- you waste hundreds of dollars on doctor's bills
- you spend literally every day going to one doctor or another
- you completely stop wearing heels
- you become highly domesticated
- you bake, cook, AND clean, all while wearing a pink apron
- you ice your leg like it's your job
- you begin to bear an odd resemblance to the game Operation
- your wardrobe is reduced to three pairs of sweatpants, a ton of tank tops, and a few hoodies
- you can't take the stairs at all
- you're forced to act like a lazy person
- you seek out the closest possible parking spot with a vengance every time
- you apply for (& receive) a handicapped parking sticker, but it doesn't come in the mail until after you're off crutches & don't need it anymore
- you get a university faculty parking pass, good for the rest of the year
- you can't dance
- you learn to dance with crutches
- you SIT. a LOT.
- you skip class
- you spend every other day in physical therapy
- people are extra nice to you everywhere you go
- complete strangers ask you what you did to yourself
- you make way too many facebook albums in one single weekend
- you make a promise to yourself to begin training for a marathon immediately upon removal of the crutches
- you don't go out much anymore

interesting reactions:

- "it sounds like something sexual" (Keogh)
- "were you drunk?" (almost everyone)
- "too much dancing, huh?" (Austin)
- "see that's why I don't exercise. Exercise is BAD for you" (Amy)
- "we forgot Julie!" (James & Mike)
- "is it bad that I still laugh at you every time I see you on crutches?" (Laura)
- "don't forget the cripple!" (Shelley & Meghan)
- "you were saving dying children from a burning building weren't you?" (random guy in the Irish bar in Boston)
- "did you fall on the ice?" (tons of people)
- "were you skiing?" (tons of people)
- "you mean you didn't fall?" (everyone)
- "what do you mean, you don't know!?" (everyone)
- "Hi. I had two knee surgeries... and I'm going in for a third" (guy at the grocery store)
- "you had an operation, and you're HERE!? you are amazing." (one of my professors)
- "you did better than all those girls who've been coming every week, and look at you, fresh out of surgery!" (my Pilates instructor)

so how did it happen!?

- I honestly have no idea
- I wish I knew
- stress fractures are caused by repetitive pounding/impact/stress to the joint coupled with weak bone structure
- this kind of thing is common among 60-80 year old post-menapausal women with osteoporosis
- running definitely made it worse