[ Motivation ]

Why do I run?  I love it. I love the feeling of being outside, being active, and watching the changing scenery. I love the simplicityor running. I run to clear my mind, to relax, to relieve stress, to stay fit and maintain my weight, and most of all - because I enjoy it.  Usually, on any given day, the simple thought of all the positive benefits that running brings to my life is enough to get me dressed and out the door.

However, just like any runner, I don't always run as much or as often as I would like.  I oversleep. I miss runs. I miss races because I couldn't get out of bed in time. I miss early-morning running dates because I don't leave myself enough time to get there. I miss after-work running dates because I'm stuck in the office. I skip runs because I'd rather hang out with friends.

I often struggle to make running a regular part of my daily life, and sometimes I can go for weeks or months without running. My ongoing internal battle doesn't help matters... whenever I'm snuggled cozy under the covers, or wrapped in a blanket planted comfortably on the couch, I'll debate forever over whether I really want to get up and run. Sometimes I hesitate for so long that I completely miss my window of opportunity. 

Even when I do get out there, I don't always go as far or as fast as I would like.  I'm often restrained by time, or inclement weather, injury, or illness.

So what motivates me? In spite of all these self-imposed obstacles, why in the world do I run?

How in the world do I ever get myself out the door?  Well, as corny as this sounds, my motivation to run comes from within. Honestly. Whenever I make up my mind to do something, I do it.  It's that simple. The desire to continually push myself beyond my own perceived personal limits is often enough to keep me going even on the roughest days.
When I need that extra "push" to get out there, I start to reflect on past accomplishments.  All I need to do is read my blog, flip through my old running journal, look at race photos, or gaze at my finishers medals or collection of race numbers hanging prominently on my wall.  Looking back on all my previous accomplishments and reading about the glory days or the height of my running career, makes me think, "if I could do it once, well then... why not now?"

I also enjoy reading autobiographies of running superstars, ultramarathoners, and stories of Olympic competitors and running legends.  The very first "running" book I ever read was "Ultramarathon Man" by Dean Karnze.  Dean's story is unlike any other out there. Next I picked up a copy of "Marathon & Beyond" at Barnes & Noble, and I read the entire thing cover to cover in about 2 days.  I was officially hooked on reading about running as much as I was addicted to running itself.

Books I've Read:

- The Extra Mile (Pam Reed)

- Ultramarathon Man (Dean Karnaze)

Want to Read:

- The Long Run (Matt Long)

- Going the Distance (George Sheehan)

- Chi Running (Danny Dreyer)


- Marathon & Beyond


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