Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iPhone armband: to buy or not to buy?

My phone usually gets left behind on runs. It's too bulky and annoying to carry, plus I'm always worried about dropping or breaking it. I know I should bring it, even just for personal safety, but knowing and doing are two entirely different things.  Hence, the search for the perfect armband commenced.  It took a few months to make up my mind. After countless trips to the accessories sections of JackRabbit, Lululemon, Foot Locker, and Sports Authority, I settled on a lightweight armband with a clear window that allowed access to the touch screen.  It was made by Nathan - the same company that made my waist pack (which I am very happy with).  Even after all that careful decision making, I still couldn't bring myself to cough up $35 on a running accessory - I mean, the only use I would really get out of this was on occasional long runs.

After nearly a month of continued deliberation, I got a 10% discount at JackRabbit from a City Running Tour, and finally treated myself to the armband.  I loved it immediately!  However, my beloved armband quickly turned out to be extremely annoying.  The actual band was tight on my arm and the phone felt clumsy and awkward bouncing on my arm.  I needed to take it off every time I wanted to check my phone.  The fancy earbud cord saver was just bothersome and unnecessary because I never run with headphones.  The phone barely fit - I needed to remove it from the case every time I wanted to put it in the armband.  Even then, it was a struggle to get in and out.  Now that I have the iPhone 4, it doesn't even fit at all!  Needless to say, I no longer use the armband and it was probably the worst running gear purchase decision ever.

(On a happier note, I received a free armband at the Revlon run/walk, and it fits my iPhone 4. Even though it covers the screen, it's way more comfortable to wear. By far one of the most functional pieces of promotional swag I've ever gotten.)

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