Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hurricane is Coming!

It started to rain moments after I woke up.  I immediately feared that I missed my chance to go running before the storm hit.  Yes, there was a storm on the horizon... or rather... a hurricane.   A major hurricane (category 2 to be exact) was heading straight for NYC.  The state decided to prepare for the worst case scenario, and in the process managed to freak out nearly half the population of NYC.  The governor ordered a mandatory evacuation of low-lying areas and decided to shut down the entire MTA mass transit system beginning at noon on Saturday -- the first time EVER in NYC history. Yeah, because that's not going to make people worry or anything.  I totally bought into all the hype and was legitimately afraid to leave my apartment building on Saturday.

My body had other plans though; I was awake, I was ready to go, and I had loads of energy to spare.  There was a very slim window of opportunity and I wasn't prepared to let it pass me by.  As I lay in bed reading live weather updates, I was pretty convinced there was already a torrential downpour outside my window - it might have helped if I had actually looked outside my window, instead of relying on the likes of Twitter, NY1, and every moment that passed was another moment closer to the start of the storm... in those precious few moments I debated: run? or bike ride?  Since I imagined a torrential downpour was already happening, and didn't want to put myself in unnecessary danger on a bike, it looked like I was going for a run!  I downed two bottles of water, threw on my Vibrams and headed out.  The plan was to run to the GW, possibly run over the bridge, and come back.

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