Sunday, May 11, 2014

Half Marathon "Training"

I ran today! It was my first legitimate run outside in ages.... 5 months to be exact.

I don't run anymore, especially long distances.

Let's take a quick look at my current fitness routine: total body functional workouts a couple times a week that rarely last longer than 25-30 minutes. I occasionally do treadmill sprint intervals for 10-15 minutes, and I lift weights when I'm in the mood. I am fit, healthy and strong, I just haven't done any real endurance training in a really long time....

So here's a cool benefit of being fit, healthy, and strong: you can go out for a 7+ mile run completely on a whim and survive.

It was such a gorgeous day outside!

As I was getting ready to go outside, I looked out my window and saw the sunshine, looked up the weather and saw that it was 70-degrees. The excitement was quickly mounting.  I used to love running outdoors in the summertime, and I was really looking forward to getting back into it!

However once I got outside, I wondered what the heck I was thinking. Less than 3 minutes into my run, I was bored. No wonder I don't run anymore. It's so boring. I was also in pain. My legs hurt. Going for a long run the day after TRX was not the greatest idea. But it had to be done. I'm running a half marathon next weekend!!! YES. The Brooklyn Half Marathon is actually happening this year. So I figured it was prudent to get in at least one semi-long run before race day.

Thankfully, I found my stride less than 10 minutes into the run, and things got easier. I started moving along at a fairly quick, yet comfortable pace. I was even starting to enjoy myself a little.  Checked my heart rate a few times throughout the run and it seemed pretty high for such an easy pace (168-180) but I guess that's due to being out of practice.

By the second lap around the park, I started struggling.  I really had to keep talking to myself and coaching myself through to the end. I felt like I was talking to one of my clients "you can do it!! keep going!! almost there!! push through!! you got this!!" And I did it. I kept going, and I survived.

So today begins - and ends - my half marathon training. That's it. One single 7-mile run.

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